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We are the pioneering and largest distributor of US bee-based health food and specialty supplements in the Philippines. With international offices in the Unites States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, our global health system network has the current combined strength of 200,000 distributors supported by a spread of 243 Business Centers.

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Our Opportunity

The EASI ONE Plan is HDI’s latest innovation in entrepreneurship. It is a result of our almost 30 years of industry experience which gives business-minded individuals like you, the chance to enjoy unlimited, long-term income.

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Our Origins

In 2005, we introduced a new corporate identity: HDI Network. The letters “HDI” stand for High-Desert International. Our name originates from “High-Desert”, a reference to the inland and often high elevation deserts of the American West where we derive our range of natural bee products.

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Inspiring a world where people live, learn and love beyond themselves.

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Our businesses are learning environments that inspire people to better themselves and their communities.

Our Legacy

We work today to build the right foundation for our children that will inherit tomorrow. We don’t know what the future might hold, but to leave them with strong moral values, a high degree of self-awareness, a passion for life and the ability to evolve, that to us is a worthy cause.

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